25 May 2017

Fairly Normal Independent Release Giveaway!

Fairly Normal, which was released prior as part of The Fairy Revels Collection of novellas, has released on its own. You can now purchase the ebook for $0.99 through July 1st!

Read on for more about the book and a chance to win a Fairy Basket Giveaway!

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Violet Abernathy faces the same things as every other high school senior: classes, cheer leading practice, and mean girls.

But this year was going to be different. Determined to forge a new path through Carver High School, Violet faces Queen Bee Brandy Fletcher on her own court. The Homecoming Court.

Tired of feeling out of place, Violet spreads her wings, literally, after learning of her family’s fairy heritage. As a newly-winged member of the fae, she resurrects old friendships and cements new ones, all while learning that sometimes in life you need to cut away the weights in order to truly fly free.

Enter below to win a smattering of fairy fun including a bracelet watch, jewelry dish, flower hair tie, wooden post card, scented candle, mermaid socks, earrings and a few more fun items!


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