27 October 2016

Halloween InstaFreebie Giveaway!


Screams and shrieks, blood and bites! Find all of that and more in the 60+ free dark fantasy and horror books available at  http://www.melaniekarsak.com/p/promotion.html.

The free books are available Oct. 27th-31st! Just head to the web page above and click on the book cover you want to download. Say hi to author friend and real life pal of mine, Melanie Karsak, while you're there! And don't forget to read until you scream!

And a a bonus, I wanted to share a little about my upcoming Dia de los Muertos novella, Eternally Treasured, featuring one of my favorite characters, Ghost Talker Alex Montoya.

Alejandra, along with her twin brother Felix, lost her mom early in her life. Killed in a car accident, Alex's mother came back as a vision in order to celebrate her children's 15th birthdays. Her appearance did not go unnoticed, revealing Alex's family gift, her ability to communicate with those who have crossed over.

Look for Alex's story at the start of 2017, and have a frightful All Hallow's Eve!

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