07 December 2016

Winter is Coming Blog Tour and Give Away

Winter is coming, and here in Florida, that doesn't quite mean what it does for many of you. It means holidays and family, but it also means humidity and 80-degree days.

But that doesn't keep me from cranking down the AC and enjoying some of my favorite things. We decorate, bake cookies, sit in front of the faux fireplace. We spend time visiting family and setting up our winter village scene. My entire family loves deciding where the toy store or the bait shop need to be placed, and the thing is growing so much that we may soon need to incorporate our village into a town.

I also love holiday shopping and finding the perfect something for that perfect person. This year the stores seem a little busier though, so I've turned to online shopping. I just hope all those perfect somethings come in on time! However, there are always ebooks! :)  Maybe you'll win the $10 Amazon gift card that I'm giving away. Just enter below.

Oh! Be sure to stop by the blogs hosting the tour and those in the linky below!

Thanks to The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island!

What's your favorite winter thing?

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01 December 2016

Ninja Coffee Bar Giveaway!

Welcome to the Ninja Coffee Bar Giveaway Event! 

You know you want it! Everyone wants a chance to brew a cup of the caffeine-riddled liquid from the gods. Besides, it goes great with a good book like At the Heart of the Deep or a few episodes of Gilmore Girls

The Ninja Coffee Bar is creating quite a stir as coffee lovers can enjoy a fresh cup of deliciousness any time of day. Owning a Ninja Coffee Bar like having a coffee shop right in your kitchen and you can be your own barista! 
Enter the Ninja Coffee Bar Giveaway!

This event is hosted by: The Mommy Island, The Kids Did It and Queen Thrifty.
One lucky entrant selected by the entry form will receive the Ninja Coffee Bar® with Glass Carafe! (MSRP $200) Open to entrants in the US, 18 years and older. Open for entry from 12/1-12/15/16 at 11:59 PM EST. Winner will have 24 hours to respond to notification email to claim their prize or a new winner will be selected. The Mommy Island is responsible for prize fulfillment. Any questions, comments, or to sponsor future events please contact themommyisland@gmail.com. 
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25 November 2016

What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving is always fun with my family, but busy... oh so very busy! It is a day full of cooking, entertaining the kiddos, football, food, lots of laughs, and sometimes a spontaneous dance party.

This year, as we gathered around the table after hours of cooking and preparation (most of it admittedly done by my sister, brother-in-law, and mother), we realized, this meal went off without a hitch! There were no burnt rolls. No cold sweet potatoes. No under-cooked turkey. We had done it. We actually did it. It may seem a small feat, but there always seems to be something that doesn't work out even with our most flexible plans. But not this year! It was flawless (minus me forgetting to cook the brocolli -- but who really needs brocolli?), and that is something to be proud of when you are cooking four different versions of turkey. :)

So, to celebrate the thankfulness I feel after a lovely holiday with my happy, healthy, loving family, I'm giving away a copy of my eBook "Playing with Magic"HERE because I'm also thankful for you!


20 November 2016

Dark Humanity Release Party!

Giveaway below!!!!

The release of the Dark Humanity Box set is coming our way! And I'm playing host at their release party today!

Pre-order the collection here!

The Dark Humanity Boxed Set is a compilation of 22 Full-Length Science Fiction and Epic Fantasy reads! We’ve spared no great discovery, with inclusion of a diverse mix of existing titles and brand new content!
The pages inside are packed with everything from faeries, dragons, and mysterious viruses to fantastical quests, frozen cities, fearless knights, ancient foes, and powerful enemies. 
With over a million words of fiction, this is your one stop shop for sword and sorcery, military and AI science fiction, dark fantasy, and mesmerizing space opera adventures from more than twenty Award Winning and New York Times & USA Today bestselling authors!
This is the stuff legends are made of. 
Scroll up to secure your Limited Edition copy with one click today!
*Estimated Total Page Count: 5,000+
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27 October 2016

Halloween InstaFreebie Giveaway!


Screams and shrieks, blood and bites! Find all of that and more in the 60+ free dark fantasy and horror books available at  http://www.melaniekarsak.com/p/promotion.html.

The free books are available Oct. 27th-31st! Just head to the web page above and click on the book cover you want to download. Say hi to author friend and real life pal of mine, Melanie Karsak, while you're there! And don't forget to read until you scream!

And a a bonus, I wanted to share a little about my upcoming Dia de los Muertos novella, Eternally Treasured, featuring one of my favorite characters, Ghost Talker Alex Montoya.

Alejandra, along with her twin brother Felix, lost her mom early in her life. Killed in a car accident, Alex's mother came back as a vision in order to celebrate her children's 15th birthdays. Her appearance did not go unnoticed, revealing Alex's family gift, her ability to communicate with those who have crossed over.

Look for Alex's story at the start of 2017, and have a frightful All Hallow's Eve!

21 May 2016

Splash Sale: The Mermaid's Den

Just in time for summer and for a limited time only,
buy Ella Malone's The Mermaid's Den for 99 cents!

Book blurb:

Laura and Tom Flynn married after she fell for him hook, line, and sinker — literally. Finding Laura in his fishing net had been a shock for Tom, but one he came to embrace as they quickly fell in love. For fifteen years, they have lived and worked by the sea, and Laura hasn’t thought once of what she left behind when she chose to marry Tom. She doesn’t regret giving up her mermaid form. It wasn’t a sacrifice. It was a good decision, and one she made to survive.

Now, with Tom missing at sea, Laura faces a decision she swore she’d never consider. In order to search for Tom and his crew, she must become a mermaid again and face the demons of the deep that she eagerly dodged when trading in her tail. Or she can stay on land and continue her life, but without Tom.

Does she enjoy her future alone, without the man she loves, or face her fears and her past in the ocean? Either way, nothing will be the same for her again.


16 May 2016

Narine of Noe

Narine of Noe (Faerie Tales from the White Forest Book Four)

Narine of Noe
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   Narine of Noe (Faerie Tales from the White Forest Book Four) Narine of Noe should have had her whole life to train to take her father’s place as High Sage. But when a mysterious force falls from the skies, sending the world into elemental chaos and her father into mortal danger, the fate of every living creature lands on her shoulders . . . including that of the Eternal Dragon. Without the Dragon it is impossible to regain the Balance of All Things. An elaborate plan to save the world must be hatched, and Narine is forced to take charge in a world gone mad. Before the White Forest was born, before the Great World Cry, the story that started it all. . .    

 Praise for Narine of Noe and the White Forest series 

 A charming, magical journey...
~Cassandra Rose Clarke, Author, The Assassin's Curse series

Dinsmore weaves a coming of age story through a world that is both fantastic and believable.
~Rise Reviews

 I was hooked before I finished the first chapter . . . I fell in love with Narine and you will, too. ~Brenna D'Amico, actor, Disney’s Descendants

amazonbarnes and noble


Narine fidgeted onstage, facing the gathered Assembly and guests. Several hundred bodies filled the Great Hall as she and six other Mentee selects stood waiting for their official Keeper assignments. Their Life Tasks. Sweating under her heavy ceremonial cloak, she reached over her shoulder and scratched at the top of her right wing. When she became High Sage, she decided, she’d get rid of these ridiculous costumes. She glanced down at Mabbe, the shorter, darker faerie by her side, who swam inside her own thick green carpet of material, her brown and orange wings poking out the back like webbed tree limbs. Mabbe nodded toward the ceiling. Narine looked up at the piercing blue day beyond the crystal dome. We should be outside, Narine thought into Mabbe’s mind. This ceremony is so long, Mabbe thought back, we could have flown to the Standing Stones by now. Narine stifled a laugh. Applause erupted in the room and she composed herself, dutifully clapping along. Mabbe elbowed her. Narine elbowed Mabbe back. What? Mabbe nodded toward center stage. They called your name. Narine whirled to her left to face the line of Sages and Transition Mentors. Sage Shonore of Carraiglenn, the first non-faerie to ever preside over the Transition Ceremony, beckoned her across the stage. Cheeks red with embarrassment, Narine strode up to her, palms pressed together in front of her chest. When she reached Shonore, she opened her hands and held them up, cupped, as if to feel for rain. “I offer my service,” said Narine, “as a Keeper of Faweh.” Shonore stepped back, hooves clacking against the wooden floor, and Narine’s father, High Sage Thorze, appeared in her place. He placed his hands together and then offered them up to Narine, his crystal grey-blue eyes shining. “I offer you Mentorship through our Transition,” his deep voice resonated from within his solid body, “and the Dragon’s Gift when my service is complete.” Thorze held up his scepter as Shonore stepped forward again. She clapped her front hooves together and beamed down with wide brown eyes. “Narine of Noe,” she said, “by consensus of the Sages of Noe, and by authority of the Eternal Dragon, you are hereby Transition Matched with Thorze of Noe, High Sage and Keeper of the Elements.” Narine took her father’s scepter in both hands. They held it together between them, grinning at each other briefly before composing themselves. “Thorze of Noe,” continued Shonore, “do you accept this Transition Match?” “Indeed I do,” he boomed. A smattering of laughter danced around the room. Shonore bowed to Thorze and Narine, her thick mane spilling over her knobby horns. Father and daughter, Sage and Mentee, turned to the audience and approached the front of the stage together, holding the scepter between them. Narine fought with the bottom of her robe, kicking it out with her right foot. She caught sight of her mother’s angular face in the front row. She stopped kicking and lowered her eyes.   ~ ~ ~   Narine dropped to the sand from the force of the Eternal Dragon’s energy. Never could she have imagined the power of Its presence. There was no resisting or competing with that power; the Dragon commanded the elements like no other. Each bit of earth, air, fire, water inside of Narine blew open, mere seeds popping over a fire. The Dragon glanced at her with Its eternal eyes, no more than a flick, but in that flick she plummeted deeper inside herself than she had ever known. Her existence in that eternity lasted less than a moonsbreath before she was back, gasping for breath. Her father, perched at the edge of the dock, caught her eye, a look as eternal as the Dragon’s. He smiled at her, gestured with open hands, and then fell from the pier. Before she had time to react, to digest what had just happened, the Dragon opened Its mouth and inhaled. The world froze. She felt the Dragon’s great inhale pulling at her heart, but she could do nothing as It drew that breath and absorbed Thorze’s corporeal energies as Its own. As It exhaled, Narine felt her own cells fill back up with her Father’s Knowing. His Transitioning of himself into her. She could feel it rooting, thin tendrils weaving themselves through the miniscule spaces within her being. But it was too fast; it was too much. There was no way she could contain it all. She wasn’t ready! It wasn’t her time! “No!” she cried and grasped at the wet sand. “Father, no!” The world popped back into place, her cries became those of Vendra’s, reaching her great flipperpaw after Thorze’s body as it plummeted into the water’s darkness. Vendra leapt to the side of the pier, the waves shook the world, and she slammed into a silver pillar. The great Dragon huffed and knocked Thorze’s scepter away with Its thick sea green tail. The scepter flew across the water and landed on the shore before Narine with a heavy, wet thud. No! It couldn’t be! “Father!” she cried, searching the waters, tears streaking her cheeks. “Father!” The Dragon dipped Its head back into the lake, and, in one fluid motion, arced Its massive body after it. The tail of the great serpent flicked out from the water like a tongue, and the serpent was gone. The World Sages stared at the water in silent shock. Waves lapped at Narine’s feet, dragon-sized ripples. She looked down in her daze. The scepter. She picked it up from the sand, and her body immediately seized up. A white light tortured her vision, and then streaks of blue and silver blended within the reassuring voice of her father, Yes, Narine. Take the Dragon’s Gift.   ~ ~ ~   With a thud, Narine landed on the hard ground. Before she could shake off the impact, a gust of wind forced her up and away. She flipped over backward and sailed off the edge of a cliff. As she kicked out in a panic, her legs caught in a tangle of roots as she flailed past, tethering her to the cliff. Below her, the backward river raged and fought, hissed and spit. She stashed her father's scepter in her belt and heaved herself around to grab hold of the roots. Hand over hand, pumping her wings, she pulled her way back to the cliff. She fluttered and climbed up and over the top of the escarpment and collapsed into the rocky earth, heart pounding. As she caught her breath, she peered over the ledge at the mad river climbing up the valley, spewing tree trunks and boulders from its tumultuous waters. She pushed up onto her hands and knees and examined her surroundings. The precipice was empty but for a snarl of roots. She crawled forward, fighting the winds, and followed the roots until they disappeared into the unsettled ground. She lifted a chunk of torn-up earth; bits of thinner root caught in the clod. "No," she gasped, and the sound immediately swept away in the windstorm. The Purview had brought her back to the Drutan’s birthplace. She sank back onto her heels. As she sat there, even at that great height, she grew soaking wet, her wings and hair slickened with river spew. But she didn't care; the Drutan was gone. And She couldn't help feeling it was somehow her fault. She looked down at Thorze's scepter, staring into its brilliance. She couldn’t believe it had only been the night before when she and her father had witnessed the birth of the rare Drutan in the moonslight. Now the little tree-beast was gone. Her father was gone, too. Her father had called the Dragon. The cold, wet wind bit into her skin and whipped at her wings. She needed to take cover in the forest. With a deep breath, she attempted to stand, but her legs buckled and she dropped to her knees. Pain shot through her kneecaps as she landed on a thick root. When she lifted the root, the leaves and dirt around it gave way, and the root led, in a taut line, into the trees. She tugged at it and felt a weight at the other end. With a burst of hope she followed the root hand over hand into the forest. It ended in a heap of roots, rocks, and twigs. She pulled away the top layer, and through the tangle she could see the ensnared Drutan. As quickly as she dared, Narine pulled the debris away until she could reach in and grab the newling, curled up in a ball, unconscious and shivering. The wee beast was lighter than she had expected, like lifting a plant from its pot. Narine sat back in the dirt and cradled the Drutan in her arms. "You're alive," whispered Narine, wiping mud from the Drutan’s face with her tunic. The newling’s skin was so strange, like bark, but spongy, as if it hadn’t been cooked enough. Her brown face bore circular creases around her eyes that Narine imagined would deepen as she aged. Deep grooves, indentations from the tight mesh of roots, lined her face and arms. One by one, Narine placed a hand over each cut and a hand on her father’s scepter and visualized the cuts transformed by healing bridges of strong Drutan skin. Then she visualized the cold parts of the Drutan transformed by warm kisses of energy. "I'm sorry you were born into this." Narine pulled her cloak from her pack and wrapped it around them both, transforming the wet air into dry beneath it, cocooning them inside. add to goodreads

 Author Danika Dinsmore 

Danika Dinsmore is an award-winning author, performance artist, and educator. Over the past 25 years she has developed content for the page, stage, screen, and web. Danika currently works in literary and speculative fiction with an emphasis on juvenile & young adult literature. Author of children’s fantasy adventure series FAERIE TALES FROM THE WHITE FOREST, she often takes her interactive Imaginary Worlds Tour on the road, performing and teaching world-building & creative writing at schools, conferences, and festivals across North America.

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03 May 2016

Relase Day: Leaving Necessity

Margo Bond Collins just released Leaving Necessity!

Can they strike love again?

At nineteen, Clara Graves left Necessity, Texas, to try to heal her broken heart. She swore she would never come back, and she's kept that promise. Until now. When she returns for her uncle's funeral, she inherits a small oil company that may keep her tied to Necessity for a few days longer than she expected. But as soon as she can close or sell the business, she’s pointing her boots toward greener pastures.

To this day, Mitchell MacAllan regrets letting Clara go without a fight. But his whole life was in Necessity, and leaving town wasn’t in the cards. As the foreman of Aerio Oil and Gas, he works hard to keep the townspeople employed and maintain the business, despite a recent downturn in petroleum prices.

Now Mac has less than a week to convince Clara that she should give Aerio a chance, and maybe even forgive him in the meantime. Otherwise, she will once again be leaving Necessity—and taking his heart with her, this time for good.


28 April 2016

Enchanted: The Fairy Revels Collection

9 Faerie Romance & Fantasy Fairy Tales; Urban Fantasy, YA Fairies, Fractured Fairy Tales, Sweet Fae Romance, and Paranormal Boxed Set

One spellbound night, nine award-winning and Amazon best-selling authors joined together to bring you an enchanting collection of tales featuring our favorite otherworldly creatures, fairies. Enchanted: The Fairy Revels Collection will seduce you into the wondrous world of the fae with magic, romance, fantasy, adventure, fairy tales, and folklore. Get ready to be beguiled by a unique boxed set with fractured fairy tales, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, sci-fi adventure, and more. This captivating collection is certain to please anyone who loves magical realism and fairy stories.

Our Books & Authors

THE BEE CHARMER by Poppy Lawless
Rayne moved to Chancellor on a mission to help Alice find true love. That is, after all, his job as her fairy godfather. What Rayne didn’t expect was to find a love of his own. All Viola wants is to pursue her dream of becoming a perfumer. She doesn’t have time to fall in love. Viola and Rayne will soon find that when your heart makes a wish, even impossible dreams can come true.

Even though she grew up in a family of witches, Abby is normal. When faeries offer her a wish, she wishes for magick of her own, without realizing the consequences. Now she has to travel to the land of faeries to save her friend's baby and undo the wish, even if it means losing her magick forever.

WOE FOR A FAERIE by B. Brumley
When I chose retribution, it got me got kicked out of the spiritual realm and banished to mortality. Now I've got to choose between Jason, the priest who’s hiding something, and ArĂșn, the handsome off-world Fae that believes I’m his prophesied queen... But first, I've got to survive New York City.

FLIGHTLESS by Margo Bond Collins
Josh Bevington doesn't know how to survive living in Fairy, Texas without his wings; Laney Harris doesn’t know how to survive without Josh. When Laney's biological father shows up in Fairy, determined to steal his daughter's newfound powers, Josh and Laney will have to overcome work together—or risk losing everything they care about.

ROSE PETAL GRAVES by Olivia Wildenstein
I thought losing my mother would be the greatest shock of my life, but the real surprise came after her death. Dad said she suffered a stroke after she dug up one of the ancient graves in our backyard, which happens to be the town cemetery. Creepy, I know. Creepier still, there was no corpse inside the old coffin, only fresh rose petals.

FAIRLY NORMAL by Carrie L. Wells
Violet Abernathy has spent more than 20 years in the human realm, but this is the year that everything changes. Potentially her last stint among the humans, her "senior" year in high school teaches her more than she ever guessed it would about friendship, love, and support. Maybe what they say is true, change is the only thing that ever stays the same.

FAE CAME ON THE PLANE! by Elizabeth Watasin
At Jifk Spaceport, something every creature and person feared came in on a plane: faeries. When the spaceport goes down, it’s any survivor of the fae incursion on her or his own, and Nico’s not going to let Darqueworld’s most feared boogeymen, the faerie kind, stop her from getting to her lover’s arrival gate.

A Fae princess in jeans and paddock shoes--could any of this be real? Daisy Adams was an orphan raised on her uncle's farm, but a tractor accident suddenly forces her uncle to reveal the lie she's been living. Her mother's still alive and she's a queen of the Fae... and to make matters worse, Daisy is hunted and the center of a war that is just beginning.

When FayeLynn Roberts finds herself pregnant by Drake, The Folk’s most dangerous man, she relies on Alvin Fairchild, the exiled prince of The Folk to carry her back to The Realm in order to save her child. Alvin wants to protect the child and save The Realm, but can the two of them band together and defeat Drake without losing their hearts?

Check out the collection on:

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© Carrie L. Wells. All rights reserved.