06 December 2015

The Witching Hour Interview: Minerva Lee

Minerva Lee, a friend and fellow Witching Hour Collection author, gives us a short interview and key insight to her novel, Spun Gold.

Interview with Minerva Lee, author of Spun Gold (fairy tale retelling)

1.) What is your favorite witch movie or novel?  I loved watching re-runs of Bewitched on TV.  I always wanted to wiggle my nose like Samantha! I would love to clean up dirty dishes this way.  My favorite Halloween movie isn’t really a witch one...I love the Legend of Sleepy Hollow in all its versions over the years. What a classic timeless creepy story. 
2.) What was the inspiration for your witch novella? Rumplestiltskin.  I love fairytales and legends of all kinds and I like thinking of them in different ways.  I began wondering what the story could be if Stiltskin was a magical hero and he and the Miller’s daughter were in love.
3.)Tell us about your main character, white witch, dark witch or something in-between? Lyra and Will possess a special kind of white magic...they are able to transform one element into another...Alchemy. Lyra has forgotten her magic but Will helps her find it.
4.) Do you believe in magic?  Yes. If you don’t the world is a dull place indeed. It may not be the wiggle your nose or wand version, but magic is there and every once in awhile it reaches out and touches us.
5.) What else should we know about your novella? 
It is just the beginning to a bigger story.  Will and Lyra’s story leads to another and then back again. Nothing brings out magic more than love.


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