05 December 2015

The Witching Hour Interview: Blaire Edens

Blaire Edents, author of The Witch of Roan Mountain, offered an inside look at her novel and The Witching Hour Collection.
Interview with Blaire Edens, author of The Witch of Roan Mountain (PNR)

1.      What's your favorite witch movie or novel?
I love Practical Magic, both the movie and the book. I also adore The Witch of Blackbird Pond and recently reread it for old times’ sake. 

2.      What was the inspiration for your witch novella?
In the summer, I went on a hike to Roan Mountain, a magical place on the North Carolina/Tennessee border. I knew instantly that it was my setting. It was misty and mossy and provided a great backdrop for spooky.

3.      Tell us about your main character: white witch, dark witch, or something in-between?
Delphine is ghost. Having been accused of witchcraft and murder, she’s determined to wander the mountains until someone can clear her name. Maeve, a down-on-her-luck attorney sees Delphine and is so drawn to her story that she makes it her mission to get to the bottom of a century-old mystery. 

4.      Cast your characters. If your novella was made into a movie, who would play your main characters?
For Maeve, I think Jennifer Lawrence would be awesome. Bradley Cooper, with the American Sniper muscles, would make a great Campbell. I’d love to see these two together on the screen again because they have such great chemistry. As Delphine, I think Anne Hathaway could pull off the perfect ghostly witch. And Paula Deen for Granny, cause she can make biscuits in real life. 

5.      Do you believe in magic? 
Yes. Magic is everywhere. You just have to know where to look. 

6.      What else should we know about your novella?
As a native of the area I’ve written about in this book, I’m incredibly proud of my Appalachian roots and I hope you’ll Roan Mountain enough to come visit me someday!

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