20 November 2015

Our First Seven Months: Month Three

Gia and Ethan have had a great time together, but what happens in month three?

Month Three: Daffodils

“G, you ready yet?” Ethan called from my bedroom.

Kaitlin had gone home for the long weekend, and while I’d been slated to head back to Virginia to visit my folks, I decided to stay in town and enjoy some private time in love.

“Almost. This is tricky,” I yelled back. “I don’t know how many people it actually takes to put this on. Jeez.” I had my arm caught in a strap of the lingerie Ethan had given me for our three month anniversary. The lacy fabric wasn’t as giving as I’d hoped. While it did stretch, it also chaffed and was nothing like the cotton tanks and chemises I usually wore to bed. But I suppose that was the attraction. He wanted me to wear something special. I could understand that.

“Well, it’ll only take one person to take it off of you,” he said slyly. My heart melted. The frustration fell away thinking of the hot guy waiting in the other room.

Looking in the mirror, I deflated. The teddy, meant to showcase a woman’s curves, did nothing for me. Its light pink lace didn’t flatter my olive complexion and managed to bag in the bust and pull uncomfortably around my rib cage.

“He tried,” I thought, looking at my reflection unhappily.

“Come on, babe. Let me see my gorgeous, sexy woman,” he pleaded, his voice edged with excitement.

Following the “fake it ’til you make it” philosophy, I opened the door and strutted into the bedroom. While I clamored into the lace contraption, Ethan had transformed the room with soft candle light. He’d hung a pink silk scarf over my lamp shade and turned down the bed. Strewn throughout the room were dozens of bright yellow daffodils.

“Damn. You’re so hot,” Ethan said as he stood to meet me. He pulled me to him, running his hand over my shoulders and trailed down my back. Goosebumps immediately emerged on my arms as they did every time his fingers crossed the spot.

“And look at this room. It looks like a meadow. There are so many flowers.” He had outdone himself with this, and noticing how beautiful it was helped me forget my insecurity. It was hard to focus on how you looked when your boyfriend continued to pleasantly surprise you and couldn’t keep his hand off of your body.

Ethan leaned down, cupping my chin in his hand. He brushed his lips across mine, moving them to my ear and down my neck. My goosebumps grew and I shivered.

Pulling me closer, he whispered to me. “You know I love you, don’t you, Gia?” His tone softened, his vowels getting softer, rounder, as his lovely southern accent deepened.

I hummed a response, unwilling to interrupt him.

“I do, G. I love you.” He brought my hand to his face, placing his lips to my wrist.

“I know you do,” I finally eeked out, my voice faint and my breathing raspy.

“I mean I really love you.”

He continued kissing me lightly, my skin vibrating beneath his lips.

Not waiting for my meek response to his last proclamation, his lips locked on mine. We moved to the bed, the delicate flowers crushing beneath my feet. Their stems, heavy with water, felt crisp and cool.

I breathed in the scent of his aftershave and shampoo, mixed with the fresh spring fragrance of the flowers, and I completely ignored the pink lace teddy as he cast it to the floor.


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