12 October 2015

Playing with Magic Release Day Giveaway!

I was lucky enough to join a great group of authors as part of The Witching Hour Collection and my latest novella is releasing today!

Playing with Magic was a fun book for me. I love the idea of the supernatural, but I'm not big on spooky. That's why Liza Scott isn't your ordinary witch. She's a snarky gamer girl college student just trying to figure out why she ended up with an awful roommate and the guy of dreams suddenly knows who she is.

I'm a big fan of Liza's and I hope you enjoy her too. You can order the eBook for 99 cents, and the paperback is soon to be available as well!

The lovely Liza may even beat out Anya the mermaid as my favorite character. And I haven't even considered her BFF Felix who has some magical issues of his own with which to contend. In fact, the plan is to offer Felix and his twin sister Alex's stories in another series to be introduced in 2016, The Sugar Skull Chronicles.

But even better, I have a giveaway waiting at the bottom of this blog post!!!!

Just for fun, I figured I'd send along my interview with the folks at The Witching Hour. 

  1. It's almost Halloween! What's your favorite witch movie or novel?
I hated scary movies when I was younger, and I honestly am not a huge fan of them now. However, I love magic and the idea of the white witch. With that said, Hocus Pocus is my favorite witch movie.
  1. What was the inspiration for your witch novella?
This novella came from watching my students’ lives change in unexpected ways as they continue through college. I also love the idea of a witch being less than excited by her new powers and considering how they may negatively impact her life.
  1. Tell us about your main character: white witch, dark witch, or something in-between?
Liza Scott hasn’t quite figured out what type of witch she is. We get to watch her discover her power, but she has decisions to make in the next books. She has considerable power, and now we get to see what she plans to do with them.
  1. Cast your characters. If your novella was made into a movie, who would play your main characters?
Mix sassy Anna Kendrick as Liza with her BFF Jake T. Austin as Felix. Add a dose of the lovely Jane Levy for Darcy and the eyes Zac Efron as Fathom. Finish off with a splash of Taylor Spreitler as the ever-annoying Ashley, although they'd be a heck of an acting stretch. Spreitler could never be like that in the actual real world!
Anna Kendrick, the perfect Liza

Jake T. Austin -- Felix
Jane Levy as Darcy
Zac Efron as Fathom
Taylor Spreitler as Ashley
  1. Do you believe in magic? 
Absolutely! Magic can be found anywhere and is the best part of life!
  1. What else should we know about your novella?
This is my second novella, and I fell in love with the idea of writing about someone on the cusp of her life. College is an amazing time, and I just wanted to make it more amazing. To make it magical!

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