11 October 2015

Bring on the Fall and the Witching Hour

Fall is my favorite time of year. The air turns crisp, matching the sound of biting into an apple or the feel of a fallen leave in your hand.

But I live in Florida.

Fall here is, well, not much different than spring or summer. The temperatures are now in the high 80s rather than the upper 90s, but not much else has changed. Dunkin' Donuts sells pumpkin everything, Starbucks turns into a salted caramel paradise, and Florida is sunny and bright.

So, in order to get into the autumnal spirit, I read and watch my favorite fall movies. They may not be what folks typical think of as Pre-Halloween fare, but I love them.

Hocus Pocus (1993) is probably the most traditional "fall" movie I watch. The lovely Sanderson Sisters return from the dead to haunt Salem and steal the youth energy from its children. Add a magical, immortal cat, Thackery Binx, and a song or two, and you have a mighty fun, not-so-scary Halloween trea.

Rudy (1993) is another fall fave. The fact that it focuses on football season makes it a fall movie in my eyes, and while the older guys in my house are watching an actual game, I'm watching Rudy in the game of his life. I love watching my teams play, but I don't generally enjoy sports. If my team or my kid isn't playing, I don't much care. But I'd watch this film over and over, and cry every time. Just have to love this kid's moxie!

And possibly my favorite movie of all time, fall or otherwise, is When Harry Met Sally (1989).  While much of the movie takes place in the summer and the climatic scenes can be considered winter events, I still love the foliage, and that's all it takes to be a fall movie in my world. I don't get foliage here, so just looking at this picture is enough for me. And this scene is great too!

But, in addition to some great movies, or in place of if you're a reader rather than a watcher, there are great fall books too. In fact, the group that got together to bring you the Falling in Deep Collection this summer added some new authors and created The Witching Hour Collection.  The group has been releasing novellas involving witches of the frightening to the sarcastic variety and will continue to do so the rest of the month. Take a look!

Good witch. Bad witch. White magic. Black magic. Kitchen magic. Pick your potion. Ready for Halloween? The authors of the Blazing Indie Collective, who brought you the Falling in Deep Collection, are brewing up something new. Check out all the novellas in The Witching Hour Collection coming October 2015:

Melanie Karsak: Witch Wood
Claire C. Riley: Raven's Cove
Eli Constant: Sleeping in the Forest of Shadows
Elizabeth Watasin: Charm School: The Wrecking Faerie
Erin Hayes: I'd Rather be a Witch
Carrie Wells: Playing with Magic
Evan Winters: The Witch of Bracken's Hollow
Minerva Lee: Spun Gold
Blaire Edens: The Witch of Roan Mountain
Poppy Lawless: The Cupcake Witch

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