21 October 2014

National Day on Writing

How did you spend the National Council of English Teacher's Day on Writing? If you are a writer, maybe you were typing away. Perhaps you looked at your latest draft. Did you spend time revising, painstakingly considering every word you've already committed to the page, judging its value and what it adds to your work. Or maybe you did what I did. 

I spent the day anticipating. I seem to dream about book release day now, even though it is worlds away in June. But a gal has to look forward to something in life, and even if I can't find time every day to add to the plot of my mermaid tale, I can foster the excitement that surrounds it all. From outlining to drafting, writers have a tendency to trap themselves in the process. I'm focused on the delights of it all right now. Thanks for coming along on the journey!

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